About Us

I am pleased to announce the establishing of Watim Medical & Dental Trust. We aim to serve a key role in helping to improve the Health and wellbeing of the community in general and providing free medical services to the people in need.

We at Watim General Hospital look forward to provide with the services of utmost national and international standards as we are working with best doctors in the country in their respective elds of health. We have formed our trust keeping in view the people who are not able to have the health services just because of nancial stand backs. The objective of our Trust is to make all kinds of treatments affordable for them, while not compromising on our standards.

Watim Trust is aimed to take best care of the employees working in Watim Medical and Dental college and Watim General Hospital by providing nancial benets to the people in need. We have designed our policies for different situations to facilitate our employees as they are our working force and we appreciate their efforts.

As a Chairman Trust, I look forward to your visit while not worrying about the expenses, as our rst priority will always be your good health.

Mr. Nasir Abbas