Department of Orthodontics

Department of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is art and science. Modern Orthodontics is not only about providing patients with beautiful smile, in today's environment it it's more than that. It treats problems with bite, crooked teeth and misaligned jaws leading to improvement of both oral functional and oral health.

Maligned teeth not only effect appearance but can also leads to less efficient cleaning which can lead to tooth decay, gum problems and increase tooth wear. With treatments available in orthodontics we can not only straightened your teeth but in growing children we can also regulate growth of jaws preventing imbalanced growth and improvement of facial esthetics leading to overall improvement of self-image and confidence.

Following facilities are provided at Orthodontics department in WMDC Fixed orthodontic treatment, Removable orthodontic appliances, Retainers after orthodontic treatment, Functional and orthopedic appliances, Habits breaking appliances, Comprehensive treatment of Cleft lip and palate, Surgical orthodontic treatment, Space maintainers, Esthetics/Ceramic braces treatment, Treatment of temporomandibular disfunctions.

HOD of Department

Brig (r). Dr. Abdia Aslam

HOD Orthodontics