About Us

Watim has provided you with state of the art infrastructure equipped with the most modern technology in very congenial environment, which will enable you to work and create comfort for humanity. It will be you who will shunt out the senescence gene leading to end of the aging process beyond teen age. You will be able to prevent graying of hair, development of cataract blindness, osteoarthiritis and mind atrophy. WATIM has standard hospital to which you will be added as chaar chaand. Watim is bunch of golden hair of beloved. Watim is grey beautifully designed clouds pouring upon you and society.


The mission of Watim Medical & Dental College is to provide a purpose built teaching institution to which aspiring students can look up to and graduating students can look back upon with pride. An institution that eventually not only provides world class education and patient care but also serves the needs of the post-graduate students in their professional training and research.


Our Vision is to develop and foster a community of global leaders dedicated to improving human health by integrating dentistry at the forefront of Education, Research and Patient care. By starting a Medical College with a strong focus on cultivating commitment, zeal and enthusiasm among the medical student community, we hope to contribute our mite to the development of the nation by providing our sincere services to the vital fields of health care and education.

Join us for your great future.

Dr. Mansoor Aslam Sheikh