Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

The Pharmacology department is located on the first floor of academic block. This is state of the art building houses attractive, modern, furnished offices and well equipped laboratories for undergraduate and even postgraduate studies and research.

harmacology affects us all, almost every day. The use of medicines is one of the principal ways of combating disease. The rise of pharmacology during the middle of the 20th century saw a huge rise in the number of diseases that could be tackled effectively with drug therapy. The development of new and successful drugs requires advances and insights generated by scientific research. Pharmacology is all about “finding out how drugs work”. It is concerned with the effects of drugs on living organisms and their components such as cells, membranes, organelles, enzymes and DNA. Other than drug action, pharmacology encompasses drug discovery, its rational and empirical use and therapeutics, also dealt with adverse drug reactions, toxicity, treatment and antidotes.

HOD of Department

Prof. Dr. Aftab Turabi

HOD Pharmacology

MBBS, M.Phil, PhD, Post Doc (USA)