Department of Anatomy

Department of Anatomy

The subject of Anatomy is one of the basic subjects of medical sciences and is taught in the first and second year of MBBS programe. The courses within the domain of Anatomy include General Anatomy, Histology or Microscopic Anatomy, Embryology or Developmental Anatomy, Regional or Gross Anatomy and Neuroanatomy. The department of Anatomy WMCR, is fine blend of experience and energy. We have highly qualified, and experienced teaching faculty as well as energetic team of demonstrators. We aim to evolve as a modern integrated teaching system for students. The teaching hours are in accordance with the recommendations of Pakistan Medical Commission. Our teaching methodology includes large group interactive sessions, case-based learning sessions, dissection/ demonstrations and practicals. We plan to promote and inculcate critical thinking and problem-solving approach in the students

The department focuses on faculty building programs and encourages to promote the research culture in students and faculty.

HOD of Department

Dr. Sadia Muzaffar

HOD Anatomy WMCR


Prof. Dr. Atika Khurshid

HOD Anatomy WDCR

MBBS, M.Phil